About Dr. Gerald Chan

In 1987, Dr. Gerald Chan co-founded Morningside, a diversified investment group engaged in private equity and venture capital investments in North America, Asia and Europe. Morningside has been an active investor in China since 1992.

Dr. Chan is a director of publicly listed Hang Lung Group Limited, a Hong Kong-based property holding company. He serves on the boards of several biotechnology companies in North America and Europe including Stealth Peptides, Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Matrivax, Vaccine Technologies Inc., and Oxyrane. He is a member of the Global Advisory Council of the International Society for Stem Cell Research, the International Board of Governors of the New York Academy of Sciences, the Board of Trustees of Fudan University in Shanghai, the Global Advisory Council of Harvard University, and chairs the Board of Overseers of the Morningside College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Dr. Chan received his BS and MS degrees in Engineering from UCLA, a Master of Science degree in Medical Radiological Physics, and a Doctor of Science degree in Radiation Biology from Harvard University. He completed his post-doctoral training in pathology at the Harvard Medical School and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.



陈乐宗博士在香港完成小学及中学教育,之後赴美国升学,先在加州大学洛杉矶分校获得工程学士及硕士学位,再到哈佛大学深造,获得理科硕士及放射生物学博士学位。其後,陈博士在哈佛医学院任病理学研究员,长期从事癌症方面的研究工作。陈博士由一九八七年起,通过彼共同创办的晨兴集团,活跃于北美,亚洲以至欧洲创业投资及私人资本投资。集团並于1992 年开始投资于中国大陆的高科技丶媒体丶通讯和生命科技项目.

陈乐宗博士是恒隆有限公司,香港的董事会成员. 陈博士对科研丶学术犹未忘情,在推动医学发展及其他科技学术研究方面,不遗馀力。陈博士现仍担任中丶英丶美多所生物技术公司的董事,包括 Stealth Peptides, Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Matrivax, Vaccine Technologies Inc.和 Oxyrane, 对新药开发贡献良多。他现在亦是北京大学医学研究所的客座研究员,并且担任洛杉矶加州大学丶哈佛大学,以及上海复旦大学等多间高等学府的学术顾问和委员会成员。

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